Mindset Coaching

You write the script of your life. Each day you tell yourself stories about what is happening in the world you interact with. Do you tell yourself something useful?


Rachel’s expertise is supporting you to work with the body, mind, language, and emotions to achieve the results and success you want in life. She works with business leaders and entrepreneurs from across industries and backgrounds. If you are certain that you are capable of more yet feel blocked from your next level of success working with Rachel may be for you.


Are you confident that you can do more in your life but

feel bored and stuck where you are?

Do you sense the world is missing out on the real you?

Are people not seeing what you are capable of and

the right opportunities are not landing?

Do you hold on to thoughts and patterns which you know hold you back?


Working with Rachel is a co-creation process to help you author a new way of being. Be prepared to take on stimulating assignments and accept responsibility for your transformation. Capacity for 1:1 coaching is limited, please inquire  by email.

"Through working with Rachel, I have learned that I am in charge of the narrative of my life."

-Melanie, Entrepreneur, Boca Raton, 2020

"Having Rachel by my side brings me a calm strength and I feel fortunate to partner with her."

-Edwin, Healthcare Practitioner, Portland, 2020

"Rachel is an absolute pleasure to work with and her relationship centered approach to coaching is relaxed, supportive, and most importantly, effective. I highly recommend Rachel if you’re looking for a growth-focused coach."

-Lena, Head of Human Resources, Portland, 2019

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